Preparing for Athletics Day

After morning tea my classmates and I went to sit on the concrete wall, and Mrs Agnew told us to be quiet and be good listeners during the session. After Mrs Agnew said that our coach came in and said ‘hello’, he said his name was coach Bart. Mrs Agnew said that Athletics day is on 18 November and coach Bart said that we will be preparing for Athletics day and we were all excited. First coach Bart said “come follow me to the square”, when we were going to follow him Mrs Agnew said do you think its a good idea to take off our jumpers and coach Bart said yeah I think that’s a good idea.

When we went inside the square coach told us to move around the square like a washing machine. When we were moving around the square coach Bart said “run run” and then he said to run on our toes. So we went running with our toes and we were laughing. Next he said we were now going to do it but with our heels. It was hard to run on our heels and we were laughing because we couldn’t do it and also because it was hard. Then he said “now we are going to do it by running tall.” It was fun doing it tall but it wasn’t easy doing it when he told us to try doing it low. We thought it was going to be easy but it wasn’t easy, it was hard. It hurt my back and leg. When he told us to stop we stopped and asked us questions which were easy. The first question he asked us was which was easier if toes or heels were easy and all of us said toes. Coach Bart asked us many questions and when he finished he told us we were going to play a game.

The next game we were going to play was sheepdog. Coach Bart said two people will be the sheepdogs and the rest of us will be the sheep. Coach Bart told us how they had to hit but not on the face, only on the waist or below. They used a noodle which was soft. Coach Bart said the sheep have to be running away from the dog because if they hit us we have to get out the gate and run around the square and come back inside. So the coach gave the two noodles to the people who didn’t raise their hands up. When he chose who was the dog he said spread out so we had to spread out. When we  spread out he said “go” so we all ran away from the dogs. People were running away while the other got tagged. After a while the coach said we have to swap to someone new. The people who had the noodles gave it to someone new. Again we had to spread out then the game started again, we were running fast because we didn’t want to get tagged. The coach then said to stop because we were now going to practice how to run.

Coach Bart said we are going to practice how to run. He said to all be in a straight line, when we were all in a straight line he said we are now going to practice how to run. Coach Bart said when we run we have to prepare like we are  in a race but when we run we have our hands like where our feet are, but your other hand is on the opposite side like this. The coach said you try so we tried and we did it. When we practiced it we knew how to do it, so coach said get into groups of four and when were in groups of four we  went behind the orange cones.

He said “ready, set, go” and we had to run up the hill. Coach Bart said get ready so the person in front went to the blue line and the coach said “on your marks” and coach was looking at our arms to see if our feet and arms are opposite, when coach saw we were doing it right he said “get set, go!”

The coach then told Marii to get the blue bag so Marii went to go get it and when Marii came back the coach gave all of us a foam pig and told us to lie down. The coach said “lie down on your back.” When we lay down on the ground couch put his shoe in front of our heads and he told us to put the foam big where his shoe was. Next he said stand up and try to jump over your foam pig, and when we all did it some of us jumped over our foam pigs. Then the coach said “try to swing your arms and bend your feet and jump.” So all of us tried it and it worked.

Then coach said to put the foam pigs back in the bag, and he said “thank you. I hope you enjoyed it.” I really enjoyed it and my favourite part was when we had to run on our toes and heels. 

Making our Class movie.

At the beginning of the term we created potatoes for our characters  for our movie. Mrs Agnew brought potatoes which  were growing roots and were disgusting to look at. When I picked my potato it was dirty and it felt rough. I used  four sticks for the legs so it could stand; I got two three eyes and glued them onto my potato; I used coloured material for the clothes, and a ribbon for no reason and last of all I got pipe cleaners and cut them into little pieces for hair. They were pink and blue and made my potato look trendy. I enjoyed making my potato.

After we made our potatoes we went into groups  and we had to try making our own stop motion movies.  We were making slow motion movies, and there were Director, Camera person, Scene manager and last of all Editor. My group and I made a few movies and we had lots of fun making our movies but we didn’t get to edit it all because we ran out of time. Making movies was hard because the camera kept moving and moving  because sometimes when we were moving the ipad, it would sometimes fall down or we would move it too quickly and not small moving.

After we finished making our own movies in our group, the whole class had to vote on what we wanted to make. I wanted to be the evil layer so I put my hands up. When we finished voting we had to go and make our backgrounds on what we wanted to be in. First we had to go and get two cardboard boxes and we had to  tape them together, we got a big sheet of black plastic and put it on both of the cardboard boxes but then we realized that two cardboard box won’t fit to take a picture so we had to rip off the other cardboard box so we only had one cardboard box. We taped the big sheet of black plastic on the cardboard box, and then Theo made skulls and bones and stuck them on the evil layer. When we finished sticking all of them on, we had to paint the ground of the evil layer. We decided to paint the ground grey, so we had to mix white and a black to make grey. While we were painting the ground Theo went up back to the class room and made a moon. When he came back he painted the moon grey and when we finished painting the ground Mrs Agnew gave us black and told us to paint the outside black. When we finished we had to let it dry.

When it dried we brought it up and placed it on the table and then we had to sit back down, and think of some names for our movie. We had to vote and first we had to call out the names of the movie we liked and Ms Toland wrote our answers on the board. When we finished picking we had to vote. Mostly everyone picked the Stolen Princess so now our movie is now called the Stolen Princess. This is a brief outline: the spaceship went to space to try and save the princess from the aliens because they wanted the crown. They had kidnapped her at her own birthday party but it has a happy ending.

We had great fun making our class movie. I’m excited for next term because we get to see it on the big screen. Hope everyone enjoys watching.




How to make a fruit salad

Introduction: It is very good to eat fruit during the day.

Equipment: fruit, board, sharp knife, peeler, platter, water, soap.

Steps needed:

1. First wash your hands with soap and water.

2. Next prepare your equipment onto a table.

3. Now get your peeler and peel the skins of the apples.

4. After that cut the apples in half.

5. Now cut out the cores.

6. Now peel the skins of the oranges and kiwi fruit.

7. Next cut them into little pieces.

8. Next place the fruits onto the platter.

9. Now peel the bananas.

10. Slice the bananas on top of the fruit.

11. Empty the skins into the compost heap.


12. After that wash your hands.

Conclusion: Now your fruit salad is prepared you can now eat it.





Animation Blog- A practice of KI O Rahi

We have been making animations on our chromebooks in Google Slides.

I really enjoyed this because we learn and it does not need to be perfect.

My favourite  part was when we could do anything and we did lots of slides.

My story is about they practice for a real game but the second person tryed to beat the first one but he couldn’t  so she stopped running and it was  back to normal.

Ki o Rahi

Last Thursday there was a visitor named Chelsea who came to teach us a new game called Ki o Rahi. First we watched a video of a Maori legend. The names in the video were called Rahi and Tiara. When the video was done coach Chelsea asked us questions about the video. Ion and Grace were the ones who knew the most about the video. 

Next coach Chelsea told us to go outside. We played a game and it was like two teams and the names were called taniwha and kioma. Coach Chelsea would call a name and the team has to run and the other team has to try and catch them. Next we played octopus and this is how we played it. So there were two taggers and the other people would have to run but the two taggers had to say something and if we had it we had to go and run away to the other-side. Then coach Chelsea had to go so we said bye. I had so much fun that was the best. Now we have to wait till Thursday.

Making my tree hut

 When we started building I didn’t know what to start with. Then I knew what I was going to start off with. I started off by cutting the door. Next I found a rope and started to make a ladder. While I was putting glue on to make a ladder with a rope I accidentally put too much glue on and I started laughing so hard. Then my teacher said we had to tidy up so we picked up all our stuff and put it on our tables and picked up our stuff off the ground.


The next day on building my tree hut I had to stick my toilet paper roll on the bottom of the tree hut because tree huts are built off the ground. I asked my teacher if she could. At the end of last term we had the best last week ever and if you want to know why it’s because we made our own tree huts. I was really excited when my teacher said we were going to make a tree hut. When I went home I was looking for stuff to bring. First I found one toilet roll. Next I went to the garage and found some craft sticks. When I found all my stuff I needed I put it in a bag and was really excited. On Monday I was really excited to bring my stuff to school and build my own tree hut.


During the afternoon we started to build our tree huts. I poured my stuff on the ground from the toilet paper roll on the bottom of my tree hut with the glue gun. After a while I finished my tree hut. After I was done I started painting my tree hut. We had to leave it because we had to go home and it had to dry.


The next day I started to put on a second coat. A little while later we did the testing. The first one was to see if our tree hut would fall down in front of the fan for ten seconds. I thought my tree hut would fall down but it didn’t fall down. The second test was to see if four scissors would fit inside our tree hut. My tree hut could fit four scissors inside so that showed it could take some weight. The last test was to see if water would come inside our tree hut. I was really scared because there was space for water to come inside. So I covered the door and windows with plastic wrap. When the water came down I was scared it would come inside.When it was done I came and looked inside and there was no water. To be honest my favourite part was painting because my hands looked like a zombie because it was all green. My least favourite part was nothing because I enjoyed everything.