Making our Class movie.

At the beginning of the term we created potatoes for our characters  for our movie. Mrs Agnew brought potatoes which  were growing roots and were disgusting to look at. When I picked my potato it was dirty and it felt rough. I used  four sticks for the legs so it could stand; I got two three eyes and glued them onto my potato; I used coloured material for the clothes, and a ribbon for no reason and last of all I got pipe cleaners and cut them into little pieces for hair. They were pink and blue and made my potato look trendy. I enjoyed making my potato.

After we made our potatoes we went into groups  and we had to try making our own stop motion movies.  We were making slow motion movies, and there were Director, Camera person, Scene manager and last of all Editor. My group and I made a few movies and we had lots of fun making our movies but we didn’t get to edit it all because we ran out of time. Making movies was hard because the camera kept moving and moving  because sometimes when we were moving the ipad, it would sometimes fall down or we would move it too quickly and not small moving.

After we finished making our own movies in our group, the whole class had to vote on what we wanted to make. I wanted to be the evil layer so I put my hands up. When we finished voting we had to go and make our backgrounds on what we wanted to be in. First we had to go and get two cardboard boxes and we had to  tape them together, we got a big sheet of black plastic and put it on both of the cardboard boxes but then we realized that two cardboard box won’t fit to take a picture so we had to rip off the other cardboard box so we only had one cardboard box. We taped the big sheet of black plastic on the cardboard box, and then Theo made skulls and bones and stuck them on the evil layer. When we finished sticking all of them on, we had to paint the ground of the evil layer. We decided to paint the ground grey, so we had to mix white and a black to make grey. While we were painting the ground Theo went up back to the class room and made a moon. When he came back he painted the moon grey and when we finished painting the ground Mrs Agnew gave us black and told us to paint the outside black. When we finished we had to let it dry.

When it dried we brought it up and placed it on the table and then we had to sit back down, and think of some names for our movie. We had to vote and first we had to call out the names of the movie we liked and Ms Toland wrote our answers on the board. When we finished picking we had to vote. Mostly everyone picked the Stolen Princess so now our movie is now called the Stolen Princess. This is a brief outline: the spaceship went to space to try and save the princess from the aliens because they wanted the crown. They had kidnapped her at her own birthday party but it has a happy ending.

We had great fun making our class movie. I’m excited for next term because we get to see it on the big screen. Hope everyone enjoys watching.




8 thoughts on “Making our Class movie.

  1. Graziel, This was so interesting to read and it must have been very fun and your potato also must have been really cool!

  2. Kamusta Graziel
    That was a wonderful story you wrote.You made a few mistakes but that is ok.
    Your story made much sense to me and it was also good because you were using descriptive words to make the story more better it also sounded like an author.Keep up the good work.
    You might even become an author and always use descriptive words so you can keep making your story better See you later Bye.

  3. Hello Graziel,
    You have great sentences that also explain all the background and the Origins
    of the story and maybe some of the main characters.The potato story of yours
    reminded me of potatoes going to war.

    From Jaeden.

  4. Hi Graziel,
    You have done accurate sentences including descriptive words.On the second paragraph, on the first sentence, you forgot to put a comma and it wasn’t making, it was make; You had a great story, keep up the good work! Next time you could edit your work.

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